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PG ŠUM d.o.o.
Podvine 22
1420 Zagorje ob savi


The mission of greeting card publishing is also that the part of income is devoted to humanitarian aims.  However, it is also important that products we make are well designed and modern in the spirit of time we live.  Our objectives are therefore quality product and good intentions – why not just combine the two objectives ? We are aware that in addition to the company’s development and standard of the families of our employees we need to create something for common social good.  And rightly so, as long as we operate successfully and generate profits.




Project Botrstvo of Slovenia operates under the auspices of the ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje and is aimed to improve quality of life of children and adolescents living in financial distress and need financial assistance and encouragement. We joined the project, because we strive to provide funds which are regularly devoted for humanitarian purposes and are used in an efficient way, which means that they come to those who are needed most.